Our preschool committee

Why do we need the commitee?
Because Saltdean preschool is a registered charity we are required  to be run by a committee of trustees. 

Who is on the commitee?
The committee is made up of volunteers who are parents or carers of children attending the preschool.  This means that preschool policies  and decisions are determined by the parents and carers for the benefit of their children.
‘Committee’ can sound off putting, but we are really just a group of parents with a little time to give to preschool. It’s not a huge commitment and you can volunteer for whatever role interests you most, either using the skills you already have or developing new ones you could add to your CV!

What does the committee do?
Organises fundraising (Apart from early years funding, fees and occasional grants, our only other source of income is from fundraising and donations. All funds raised are used within the setting for new equipment and resources.)

In consultation with staff, buy toys and equipment and maintains them
With staff ensures Ofsted requirements are met
Arranges preschool insurance
Reviews and implements  policies
Reviews and sets staff wages
Reviews and sets fees

Why join the committee?
Volunteering to be on the committee  is a great way to put something positive back into the local community and can have many rewards and benefits.

It gives you a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes at preschool as well as the opportunity to have a genuine impact on your child’s early year’s education. You will also have a chance to meet other parents, update existing skills and learn new some new ones.  Plus the more we work together, the better preschool is run and the greater confidence we have that the Preschool is meeting parents’ needs.

For more information or to register an interest in joining the Committee, please speak to the Preschool Manager supervisor.preschool@hotmail.co.uk

You can become involved as much or as little as you wish.
We try to meet every half term but you do not have to attend every meeting.